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Welcome to my current longtime clients and those curious to see what I offer!


First and foremost let me say that I love practicing massage and all that follows on this site is predicated on this notion. Please peruse what I have shared here.


I truly believe that I have created a convenient model where clients can book easily, receive excellent quality service, with consistency and care.

Pressure Point Massage

Stretching all the way back to 1985, I’ve been fascinated by many forms of the healing arts, including diet,
exercise, breath, chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, and of course, manual therapies. I have traveled, lived,
studied, and taught in many places around the globe, giving me a broad perspective on how we can achieve
better health and happiness through lifestyle. As an empathetic bodywork therapist, I see massage as an
essential part of a holistic life. I have long believed we should integrate massage into our regular regime of
self-care, instead of considering it a luxury.

Head Massage

I so appreciate working with my clients—whether it be with the goal of stress relief, deep relaxation, speeding
the healing of an injury, athletic tune-ups and warm down, or prenatal comfort. I am still thrilled and honored,
after all these years, to provide massage therapy and I give 100% to each session.

Bath Products

Hari is dedicated to his work. Consistent, well trained and intuitive. I appreciate all the bodywork I
receive from Hari.Having been a bodyworker myself for 20 years, it's always such a gift to find
someone who cares so much about their work. I appreciate Hari and his work everytime I receive!
Highly recommend you try him.

Caron M

Pressure Point Massage
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