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Swedish Massage

I recently had a 90- massage from Hari which seemed incredibly short because I found myself lost in another world. He was attentive and asked for feedback.


Hari clearly enjoys his gifts and is quiet, yet personable, taking his cues from his client. He delivers body work with gifted
hands and a warm heart. You will not be disappointed!

Bill O

I received a massage from Hari for my painful shoulder. He was very attentive to my needs.
He made sure I got the right amount of pressure to take away the pain but yet very relaxing...
He has a very special touch. I would definitely be getting more massages by Hari.


Patricia G

Hari's massages are always exactly what I need. I tell him what I want and that's what I get. Sometimes I need harder pressure to help relief muscle tension and sometimes I just need long, soothing strokes. Hari does it all with great skill, focused attention, and joy. Hari is an extremely kind
and gentle soul.

Gina O

tight.Hari's massage is both intuitive,and incredibly effective.I
appreciate and respect his knowledge,humbleness,and his care that he puts forth.I believe that he
loves what he does,as it is very obvious through his gentle grace. 

Marissa L

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